About Me

Bosco Santimano

Photo by Carola Caschetto-Bottcher


Looking back at my life , I clearly remember the day my English Teacher called me over to the front of the class to read aloud my essay! Petrified of what I believed was the beginning of my humiliation in front of the whole class, I began reading, feeling tense and nervous of what was lying ahead. Within seconds the class was in stitches and laughing their socks off to what I was reading and slowly I began to realise that the essay I had written was having an impact. That set the ball rolling and my interest in writing truly began.

Since that day, which I can vividly remember, writing has been part of my life like an on/off switch! It means that I could dip in and out of my passion as and when I felt like it. Quality is what I have always strived for and maybe this is what reflects in all the exciting stuff I have done in my life and will continue doing so.

Life is a journey and we all should enjoy every moment of this fantastic opportunity given to us all. I never think too much about the destination as long as I am fully committed to my present, that’s all that matters and counts in the end.