Arrogant and condescending Unionists

Last week’s Peeblesshire News had two letters one of which from someone wishing to be anonymous, questioning what the SNP have done since coming to power in 2007 for the people of Scotland and the second from a Unionist retired Liberal Democrat ex-councillor of SBC. Both these letters were having a go at Independence supporters. What both these readers fail to understand or comprehend is that the SNP have been elected by the Scottish people consecutively through a democratic process.

In fairness, the first reader got half of his questions right i.e., the SNP have failed to deliver on some of the issues now facing Scotland but conveniently forgets all the good policies and benefits that the people of Scotland currently enjoy which to name a few are;

  • Free prescriptions
  • Free Tuition for students even though the Lib-Dems voted against for English students
  • Over 70,000 low-income families protected from the dreaded bedroom tax of the Tory government
  • Introduced Minimum Alcohol Pricing
  • No Fracking
  • First country to make period products available free to all students
  • Free Bus Pass for Over 60’s
  • Created 7 new benefits to support the most vulnerable in society

Now coming back to the second readers letter, a former Unionists ex-councillor of SBC, in his first sentence he says the SNP has an appalling record in delivering public services since they were elected in 2007! I am not sure which planet Graham has been on, because if that was the case then the Scottish electorate would not have elected SNP and Greens to form a majority in parliament three times in a row. He also makes the case that he believes i.e., Lib -Dems, that there is no case for a second Independence referendum as everything is hunky dory and milk and honey is flowing plentiful in his beloved Union. His party along with Labour and the Tories who formed the famous rock band “Better Together” lied to the Scottish public that they would be safe as part of the European Union if they voted NO! The UK still holds the main levers of the economy which includes printing money, borrowing, vat, just to name a few. So, it is ingenious and inaccurate to blame the Scottish government for everything that does not go to plan according to these arrogant and condescending Unionists.

Letter to the Editor published in the Peeblesshire News on 16th April 2021

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