The Final Nail in the Coffin

Christmas is on everyone’s mind as the season of giving and sharing begins. But for many individuals and families it’s a season of despair, poverty, foodbanks, and so much more worse. The election has proven once and for all the huge cultural divide between Scotland and England on compassionate grounds. As an organisation we have helped hundreds of children and families cope with the financial pressures of this Tory governments ideology since 2010 with no monetary support or help from our local elected member of parliament.  While the people of this constituency  have again voted for David Mundell to continue his parties polices of literally killing of poor and disabled people, myself and like-minded individuals have to seriously think about the next steps we need to take. David is now embolden to keep opening more Foodbanks across the Borders as he now has a mandate from his voters to cull the disadvantaged amongst us. It’s sickening and shameful to even contemplate that we live in an area which wholeheartedly supports the polices of  the current Westminster government towards disadvantaged communities. The sad irony is that Labour is no longer the protector of the working class and the poor as they have been decimated in England and have only one seat in Scotland!

To top it all our elected leader of the council Shona Haslam took a break from governing her region, paid off course by us, the tax payers and spent her time campaigning to win as a MP for Lanark & Hamilton East! She has proven to be a canny, greedy, power hungry politician and will jump ship to further her ambition in the name of Unionism and the Queen! Shona Haslam did not even bother to turn up after the fire at Peebles High school when her constituents needed her the most as she was working hard to become an MP to earn more money and perks and of course a peerage thereafter all for herself. This is an example of a classic career politician! Shona Haslam and her administration are in charge of what is turning out to be a financial boom for big corporations and companies in the name of progress in the Borders.

Thankfully the people of Lanark & Hamilton East saw right through her right wing, sectarian politics and came out in droves to boot her back to where she came from. Anyone else would have resigned after making such a horrendous comment. Unfortunately we are stuck with her as leader of the council, maybe not for long and I hope her voters are not blind like England to vote for her again the next time around. The next term of this parliament will be the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom. I am so glad Scotland voted for a just and fair society.

So here is hoping that 2020 will bring a revolution to Scotland and we get rid of our colonial masters once and for all and the path is now paved for a final reunification of Ireland which is long overdue. Not a bad start to 2020.

Wishing all the readers a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

The Final Countdown

What a mess we have found ourselves in as a nation. Unionist trust in the Tories must surely have woken up the people from their slumber and apathy towards politicians and the political process in general. Since 2010 the Tories have been in power and austerity has decimated the working class and poor while the blame for this was shifted onto so called benefit scroungers and immigrants, especially from Eastern Europe. We will have had 3 elections since then, all of them masterminded by the Tories themselves to grab more power but with disastrous consequences everytime. The national debt is now in the trillions and the people are still being lied to as to who the real perpetrators are of this mishandling of the countries finances.

In Scotland the obvious choice is the SNP, for their record speaks volumes and you may not like them constantly banging on about Independence, but at least you know where they stand and their long term objectives. Of course they are not perfect but give them credit where its due and to all the good work they have been doing since 2007 with one arm twisted behind their backs by the 3 main unionist political parties and their supporters in Scotland along with Westminster and the media.

The Tories are hopefully out as they they have amassed immense wealth and privileges for their political elites and business partners including their own families. Why do Unionist fear a second Scottish Independence referendum? They have nothing to fear as they can still vote “No”. Are they worried their lies won’t work the second time around? The SNP’s main objective and drive is to get independence and they are very clearly following their parties founding constitution and manifesto, unlike the Tories who have lied through their teeth and are still being voted into power by their gullible supporters all in the name of keeping the SNP out! It beggars belief to see educated people vote for the Tory party knowing well the harm their policies are causing families and children all over the country. Being selfish and only thinking about your own child is not how we want to live as a society. We have been given an opportunity once again to right a wrong and re-establish respect and love among the countries citizenry. It’s time to cast your vote for what is morally the right thing to do. By next Friday we will have woken up to a future that is hopefully bright and turned our backs on hate and austerity.

On the plus side the people of the Borders may have lost their incompetent leader of the council to Lanark & Hamilton East, as she has proven to be a canny, greedy career politician and will jump ship to further her ambition in the name of Unionism and the Queen! Shona Haslam did not bother to turn up after the fire at Peebles High school when her constituents needed her the most. There has been a deafening silence from her. Hope the people of Lanark & Hamilton East  are not as daft and blind to what damage she has done to the Borders and her own constituents.

What would you vote for? The kiss of death or ……..