United Kingdom – The Obvious Truth



We now had the EU Referendum and the results were not surprising to many who have been following political events in this country.

England voted to ‘Leave” along with Wales, while Scotland overwhelmingly voted to ‘Remain’ along with Northern Ireland. The Pandora’s box has been opened and the belly of the “Great Beast” has been finally revealed. Lies and misinformation from the Leave campaign won while Remain were completely outflanked by the disunity among their ranks with the English public voting to kick the establishment and use this occasion as a protest vote! The lies are unraveling as we speak and Boris is no longer in the running for Prime Minister!

So! What next for Scotland? Nicola Sturgeon was the only Politician who presented a plan, post Brexit and the Unionists followers don’t like what they are hearing. The First Minister of Scotland got a mandate to continue in government in the last Holyrood elections with a manifesto that clearly stated that a change in circumstance would allow her to ask the Scottish Parliament for a second Independence referendum to protect Sottish interests.

Personally, I am not keen in Scotland holding its second referendum so soon, as I believe one of the key reasons we lost the previous vote was the currency and of course we don’t have the 60% or more support for Independence. If anyone with a brain who has actually watched Nicola propose a motion in parliament to protect Scottish interests in the EU would know that she mentioned IndyRef2 as a final resort after all available avenues were exhausted. Even then Nicola did say she would propose this in the form of a resolution to the parliament which would then be voted by all MSP’s. It seems all the Unionist and establishment media were only taking about her final option and failed to inform their readers about the first two!

Little England and Wales have voted to leave the EU and this must be respected at all costs. No second EU referendum must happen. This is Democracy and if people fell for the lies and fears on immigration then I am sorry to say we have to pay the price for our lack of judgement and information.

Interesting times are ahead for the UK & Great Britain. Will we follow the collapse of Yugoslavia, only time will tell.