Democracy in action


The recent Holyrood elections have given us a parliament that was always meant, to never elect a “majority”. The result is not a loss or failure for the SNP as made out in the tabloid right wing press but a win for the Scottish people, both Unionists and Independence supporters! I wish these same people (Unionists) would demand the same electoral process for England or No Tuition Fees for English students or No Prescription charges.

The current Holyrood elections are just over and Ruth Davidson has been all over the press saying she has the mandate by the Scottish people to stop Nicola Sturgeon having a second Referendum. Really! Has she gotten so delusional that a mere 22% of the constituency votes makes her think she is invincible and can hold the SNP government to account? Applying her same logic to the SNP, with 46.5% of the votes; what mandate does Nicola Sturgeon have? Your guess is as good as mine.

The next five years will be interesting to watch as I hope politicians from all parties work together to inspire us and achieve a better more equitable society rather than focusing all their power and money on a few at the top.

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