Trident Nuclear Missiles – Weapons of Mass Destruction


So! Now we are told that the costs for replacing Trident is over £200 billion!! In this day and age it beggars belief that so many people of this island nation want to hold on to an outdated weapons systems.

Budgets are being cut in the name of austerity. The poor and the disadvantaged are being used as guinea pigs to balance the books! The rich get richer and the politicians get richer too! What on earth is going on? Have we become so powerless and disillusioned  that we are allowing the government and the USA to dictate to us what is in fact an abomination in the name of keeping us safe?  It seems we cannot do anything as the people we elected are funded by special interest groups before they become elected and in return have to sell their souls to their Masters.

Politician like Lord Robertson and Hutton are on the payroll of companies that will benefit from this contract. Big US Corporations like the Cohen Group, General Dynamics Electric Boat Company, Lockheed Martin and Bechtel. (Source: Private Eye No.1413).

Anyone supporting the renewal of Trident is, in my opinion a warmonger and killers of future innocent people just like the terrorists. No difference at all as the ethos and ideology is the same.

A point to note here is that the British taxpayers will foot the bill for a weapons system that they do not control but the US military!!!!!!!! What we are actually doing is propping the economy of the US which is heavily run by the Industrial/Military/Pharmaceutical complex.

War is money and the US will make a killing, literally speaking if Trident is renewed.

We invaded Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction, so I am assuming any country that takes offense to us having these weapons can invade us to rid the world of dangerous weapons.

I rest my case.

Democracy in action


The recent Holyrood elections have given us a parliament that was always meant, to never elect a “majority”. The result is not a loss or failure for the SNP as made out in the tabloid right wing press but a win for the Scottish people, both Unionists and Independence supporters! I wish these same people (Unionists) would demand the same electoral process for England or No Tuition Fees for English students or No Prescription charges.

The current Holyrood elections are just over and Ruth Davidson has been all over the press saying she has the mandate by the Scottish people to stop Nicola Sturgeon having a second Referendum. Really! Has she gotten so delusional that a mere 22% of the constituency votes makes her think she is invincible and can hold the SNP government to account? Applying her same logic to the SNP, with 46.5% of the votes; what mandate does Nicola Sturgeon have? Your guess is as good as mine.

The next five years will be interesting to watch as I hope politicians from all parties work together to inspire us and achieve a better more equitable society rather than focusing all their power and money on a few at the top.