Hell’s Angel – Ian Duncan Smith

So! Ian Duncan Smith, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has resigned with a conscience! What a day to resign on (Sports Relief Fundraiser Day), so that the news would be buried among the enthusiastic, fun loving, sporty people of this country. It did work because, questions were not asked by the media as to the real reason behind his resignation. By his own previous admission, he completely demolished the system that was meant to look after us all in times of need and crisis, either because of ill-health or loss of employment. The crocodile tears that were shed after his resignation as to the cause being George Osbourne is utterly hilarious. His pet project “Universal Tax Credits” has been a very expensive vanity Tory hate the working  class and the poor ideology.

The National Audit Office said universal credit, the £2.4bn project meant to consolidate six welfare payments into one, has been beset by “weak management, ineffective control and poor governance”.Ministers have already written off £34m wasted on failed IT programmes for the project run by the Department for Work and Pensions and may be forced to delay its national launch beyond 2017, the NAO says.

By resigning, Ian has done what every clever, manipulating, conniving Politician of the lowest order has done in the past, deflected all the miseries caused by him onto George Osbourne!

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Facebook to pay its UK Tax


Once again, Multi-corporations are trying their best to mitigate the damage caused by the UK tax payer finding out about their not so “Social Responsibility” tag.  This headline news, once again is a clever ploy, to distract the public by putting out a statement through news channels about them taking this seriously. Once again, time will tell, whether anything will really change in the long term. For the common man/women £100 million is a lot of money, but for the Corporations its pennies as they dabble in Billions and Trillions.

Small change compared to what they should be really paying. I will in the next few weeks post more details about how to interpret these headlines as George Osborne and company are all part of this problem. If we don’t understand this, then we will never be able to effect positive change in the country and save our public services from being privatized by Politicians and their handlers/paymasters.